Every Story Matters

Verbal Wellbeing is a new way to build better emotional wellbeing and resilience in the classroom by integrating and harnessing the power of storytelling, psychology and data to support children & young people.

Our digital platform contains different programmes each with a series of specially treated short story collections for a range of ages and abilities that can be read aloud together and are combined with evidence based therapy type questions that will spark an insightful, reflective conversation.

Our Model

Verbal Wellbeing is a mental health literacy programme that integrates & harnesses the power of behavioural science with brilliant stories, great technology and data to support children & young people


Our programmes are developed using evidence-based approaches and scientifically-proven principles, such as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and Social Learning theory (SLT) that help people build sustainable emotional wellbeing habits which last a lifetime.



Each programme contains a collection of curated, tested & highly engaging short stories for people to read together.  Each story is embedded with a series of guided, therapeutic questions/activities that aim to stimulate purposeful conversations about mental & emotional health 



Our library of enjoyable and engaging therapeutic story collections is accessible via a flexible, self-serve delivery platform with a customised user dashboard that takes the guesswork out of understanding your pupils’ behaviour.  The technology enables you to monitor, analyse and report pupils’ emotional & mental wellbeing helping you to tailor your work to their needs



Verbal Wellbeing gives you the opportunity to set distractions aside and create a well needed safe space where young people can openly discuss thoughts, express feelings and boost wellbeing.

Work with us

With Verbal Wellbeing you will be able to access a library of positive emotional wellbeing stories and learning resources that will help you explore new ways of solving problems and coping with stress and ultimately boost the resilience, self-esteem and emotional wellbeing of your young people.

For schools

Verbal Wellbeing features a carefully selected mix of stories, both contemporary and classic. When read to a classroom or on a 1-2-1 basis the stories will engage pupils and give you the chance to create a nurturing environment where the pupils can talk to you about their emotional wellbeing.

For Special Educational Needs Coordinators

Verbal Wellbeing enables the 1-2-1 delivery of highly engaging, evidence-based behavioural health programmes that quickly create a supportive space to promote emotional wellbeing, build resilience through specialist collections that are fully accessible when you need them.

For parents

We know that talking to your children about emotional wellbeing can seem daunting but reading these stories together will help. You can access the story collections wherever you are at a time that suits. Verbal Wellbeing has been designed to help you embed meaningful, quality time with your child into your busy daily routine. 

Our programmes include

Children - Group/class setting

WHOLE SCHOOL UNIVERSAL programmes to support the mental & emotional development of children aged 4 – 11 years

Children - Specialist 1-2-1

SPECIALIST programmes delivered on a 1-2-1 basis to support the mental & emotional development of children who require additional support.


Programmes for adults aimed at common mental health conditions.


Programmes aimed at supporting the mental and emotional wellbeing of communities